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Summer Skywatching

Posted on Jul 18, 2014

Grab your telescope and train your eye on the sky, some big skywatching events are coming our way before the summer is out. August 10: Largest Full Moon of 2014 On August 10th, the moon will be at its closest point to Earth this year. This date coincides with a full moon in the lunar cycle...

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Meet Emerging Explorer, Shivani Bhalla: Saving Lions in Kenya

Posted on Jul 9, 2014

For one week every summer, National Geographic’s Headquarters is taken over by Explorers from around the world as part of our annual Explorers Symposium. This year, the 2014 class of Emerging Explorers shared stories from the field outlining their current projects and inspiring HQ staff. The...

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Classic Americana

Posted on Jun 30, 2014

Celebrate Home-grown Ingenuity and Industriousness with our Americana Collection American heritage brands are strong and resourceful portraits of at-home ingenuity that thrive on providing quality craftsmanship made from locally sourced materials. These heritage brands like Moore & Giles,...

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