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Mickey Lynn and Seth

Eclectic, effortless glamor.

That’s one of artisan jeweler Mickey Lynn’s goals when she sketches new designs for her eye-catching line of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more. The former IT professional left the corporate life and founded her eponymous studio with her partner in 2008.

Mickey Lynn Druzy

Her work is all about finding unusual pairings that work perfectly together: sharp-looking gems in soft pastel colors, a dainty bezel on an outsized stone. Her latest unexpected combo? Uruguayan druzy and Roman glass.

purple druzy rocks

Druzy is the name for the fine layer of crystals that form as water builds up and evaporates from rock surfaces, over and over for thousands of years. This geological process is common, but the glittering surfaces it produces look like rare treasures. Some of the most incredible specimens come from Uruguay, where Mickey Lynn sources all of her druzy in a range of colors.

Roman glass is another material that seems magical, but is in fact evidence of remarkable technological innovations early in the Roman Empire. By the 1st century A.D., glass production was happening on a much larger scale than we might imagine in the 21st century. Fragments of aqua-colored glass are found at archaeological sites from England to North Africa, Egypt to Armenia.

Mickey Lynn Druzy Jewelry

Mickey Lynn takes these two ancient materials and transforms them into accent pieces that are even more remarkable than the sum of their parts. Our Roman Glass and Druzy Bracelet combines rustic, aqua-green discs of Roman glass with a piece of cotton candy-pink agate druzy at the center. A delicate outline of 14-karat gold foil highlights the stone’s organic shape.

The complementary Roman Glass and Druzy Necklace uses the same unpolished glass discs, this time paired with a dramatic lavender piece of druzy that has been carved to show the striations of the surrounding stone. The tiny crystals gleam like a dusting of sparkling sugar. The necklace and the bracelet both pair beautifully with the delicate Roman Glass Cascade Earrings. Artist Mickey Lynn transforms ancient materials into a contemporary, cascading pair of earrings. She pairs fragments of Roman-era glass with drops of moonstone, clear quartz, white agate, and gold-covered pyrite.

For those who prefer a more polished look, our Chalcedony and Druzy Necklace has a romantic, Victorian air. Here a pale purple oval of agate druzy hangs from a strand of lightly faceted, milky-white chalcedony. Two gold- and gunmetal-plated brass chains complete the look, which perfectly exemplifies Mickey Lynn’s quest for eclectic, effortless glamor.

Mickey Lynn