Nothing says fall more than the hues of Burgundy, France, with vibrant yellow mustard fields, terra cotta roof tiles, and of course the deep red wines for which the region is known. It was against this backdrop that we shot our Fall 2013 catalog.  Enjoy this peek at some of our favorite new fall items and a behind-the-scenes glimpse of our time in Burgundy

silk road kurta and silver-hill tribe jewelry necklace, earrings, and bracelets

On Location Burgundy Eat See Drive. French Pastry shops, bikers, and vintage cars

This incredible 18th-century chateau near the Roman-era walled town of Saulieu was our home base. It is adjacent to the 430,000-acre Morvan Nature Park, offering views of traditional farmland and protected woods.

On Location Burgundy France Stylist with Model

travel note The barely there letters of ghost signs—hand-painted advertisements that have since faded—can be seen across the region

While our stylist jumps in to make finishing touches, a furry friend joined our model, Angela, while she posed with our Aran Sweater Coat

Burgundy France is famous for the colorful glazed tiles that top the roofs of chateaux and village buildings across the region.

Photographers, lighting assistants, and stylists work hard to make sure that every shot is just right. Here they’re checking that the Huayño Alpaca Cardigan is perfectly framed

On Location Burgundy France French pastry shopse

Irish Aran Wool Poncho

Gold-plated Fulani Tribal Earrings and Fulani Tribal Cuff

Wide-open skies and a refreshing breeze provided a fantastic day for a photo shoot in a nearby field of mustard plants. Share your own snapshots of the natural world as part of The Great Nature Project. #GreatNature

Thai Ombre Travel cardigan. This soft, swingy rayon cardigan is the perfect travel companion. It packs into the tiniest space and is all but impossible to wrinkle. Pull it out for a quick layer on chilly flights or to wear to dinner as the sun sets on a long day of exploring. You can even roll it up to use as a pillow in a pinch. Dip-dyed in a black and purple ombré pattern (from the French word for shade). Hand-dyed in Thailand, where textiles make up more than half of the country’s handicrafts.

Indian Emerald Silk Reversible Wrap Jacket. Intricately hand-tie-dyed textiles (called bandhani or bandhej) are a specialty of Gujarat in western India. Fabrics are pinched, pulled, and wrapped with thread before being dyed, creating patterns where the thread resists the color. Some of the best bandhani is found in Gujarat wedding saris. The vivid emerald and teal hues of this reversible, lightly quilted silk wrap jacket are the result of hours of dyeing to achieve the brightest possible colors.

Irish Aran Wool Poncho. The cool climate of Ireland’s Aran Islands calls for a cozy wool poncho like this one. Although the three islands are home to only 1,200 people, Aran knitting is recognizable worldwide. The pattern on this Aran poncho is the horseshoe cable stitch, inspired by the hoofprints of the horses that helped drag fishing boats above the high-water mark on the island of Inishmore.