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Shop the Road Less Traveled Bali Phra Nakhon Khiri Historical Park

Here at National Geographic, we know a thing or two about the vast array of beautiful and breathtaking sights, traditions, and works of art our planet and its people have to offer. It’s with that explorer’s spirit that our buyers at the National Geographic Store search the world for the most richly storied and unique pieces to bring to you.

Shop-Road-Less-Traveled-Jaipur-Sun-JewelryWe’re excited to introduce a new endeavor from the National Geographic Store, focused on handcrafted artisan jewelry, accessories, and home decor: Shop the Road Less Traveled.

Shopping the road less traveled means acknowledging the power of objects crafted by human hands. It’s about honoring cultural craft traditions not by preserving them behind glass, but by bringing them into our lives and bearing witness to their evolution.

It’s about finding inspiration across borders and eras, letting ourselves be guided not by trends but by beauty, and valuing the inherent meaning of handcrafted objects

We’ve begun with three new collections inspired by the travels of Dr. Elizabeth Kapu’uwailani Lindsey. An anthropologist and National Geographic explorer, she works to preserve indigenous knowledge and traditions, and we were guided by her curiosity, style, and eagerness to find the stories behind beautiful objects.

Shop Road Less Traveled Neutral Luxe

The three Shop the Road Less Traveled collections—Neutral Luxe, Royal Accents, and Jewel Tones—celebrate the traditional craft cultures from which these pieces are born. Shopping the road less traveled is about recognizing that stories behind the objects we live with, be they as simple as a rug or as complex as a delicately crafted necklace, can be as meaningful as they are beautiful.

Take for instance the simple yet elegantly modern Herringbone Natural Wool Rug, about which Elizabeth says, “It’s timeless, but it shows that the art of weaving is transmitted through generations so everything is in constant evolution. Nothing is static in creativity.”

“Nothing is static in creativity.” 

- Elizabeth Lindsey, National Geographic Explorer

By partnering with local artisans from Thailand, Indonesia, India, and beyond, we’re able to bring you hand-made pieces while helping preserve those vital craft traditions and techniques in communities across the globe.

Your purchases from the National Geographic Online Store and the Shop the Road Less Traveled collections help to fund our mission programs, and help indigenous artisans become economically stable while preserving their cultural heritage.

Head to Shop the Road Less Traveled Stories, to read more about our artisans and explore in depth the stories behind the products in the collections.

Shop the Road Less Traveled